by Andrea Afra

Make-shift anchor for a fallen chrysalis, Monarch has emerged

I was happy to see a few late fall Monarch caterpillars in our garden a couple of weeks ago and stoked to spy a chrysalis dangling from the side of our house a week later. But the morning…

The Marble Cup: How deciding to drink ayahuasca helped release me from the past (though I really didn’t need it after all)

By Andrea Afra

Three years ago this fall, I was out with some friends on the patio of a bar downtown while our friend Lucy was telling us…

Consider this scenario: Someone you know fairly well is talking about someone you don’t know so well, if at all. Whether it’s their colleague, relative, friend, or sweetheart, they are airing this person’s flaws and annoyances, yet without knowing the absentee and their take on the situation, common sense says…

Andrea Afra

Reader, writer, nature loverer. Plant/succulent coach at and elsewhere 🌵

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